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Can Germany’s G20 Drive Help the Global Internet Market Grow?

Posted on: May-2017 | By: 9Dimen Group | Electronics

The world is getting digital today and no region wants to stay be last in the race of technology. Hence, there is always a development of new technologies. In Germany, a group of around 20 major regions has come up with a plan of promoting the faster Internet for the masses. Germany wants to enhance the scope of lifelong digital learning. 
According to Economy Minister Brigitte Zypries, the G20 ministers first meeting will be held in Duesseldorf later this week and after which the G20 summit will be held in July by Germany itself. The major goal of Germany to hold this G20 summit is to encourage global internet market in the coming months. The introduction of smarter devices in the market has created an increasing demand for faster Internet which turn will boost the global market. The rolling out of faster Internet within the boundaries of rules and regulation will provide new opportunities for turning the world into a digital revolution. For fueling the demand for Internet across the globe the concept of Internet of Things was brought to life where the devices are connected to the network for receiving and sending information. 
Looking at the 5 Million IoT device usage a research firm named Gartner has anticipated that around 2021 about 21 Billion IoT devices will be used all across the globe. But the shortage in meeting up global standards tends to hinder the growth of global Internet market and meet its full potential.
As per Zypries, Germany is not concerned about who will attend the meeting but about what results will be obtained to drive the growth of the global market. The U.S. government’s shielding nature after the current presidency is a matter of great concern as the world’s major service and product providers such as Google, Apple, and Facebook are present there. These company products are not only sold in Germany but all across the globe and same is the case for Germany which in turn provides machines and tools to the U.S. 
Thus, in order to meet the supply and demand chain for the Internet, the G20 summit can prove beneficial. Let’s see what the end result is going to be.