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European wind energy is cheaper than nuclear power

Posted on: Jul-2016 | By: 9Dimen Group | Energy

Wind energy is seemed to have overcome nuclear energy as a source of power at least in countries near North Sea. In nearby European nations the cost of energy is now 30% lower than the cost of nuclear which can be considered as a remarkable development in promoting a use of renewable energy around the globe.

If the present rate of installing wind farms continues, wind Europe predicts these wind farms will generate full 7% of all energy within Europe by 2030. The core reason of drop in the cost of generating wind energy is said to be the less cost of building and maintain offshore wind farms than in the past. Other factors of low cost includes, low oil and steel prices, reduced maintenance requirements and the ability to mass produce turbines.

Whatever the reasons are, the statistic is more than enough a proof that renewable energy sources will be a savior of the future.