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Flying drones booms agricultural drone market

Posted on: Feb-2017 | By: 9Dimen Group | Technology

Tech-savvy farmers are the major adopters of the agricultural drone technology on a commercial scale. The farmers can have a drones-eye view of their fields making the agricultural process easier. These flying drones were mainly used to keep a check on the conditions of their crops, livestock, and also for spraying insecticides or fertilizers. The advanced drone technology assures the agricultural efficiency to take a big leap.

Drone production rate:

The agricultural companies are taking the development of the agricultural drones seriously which attributes towards the growth of the agricultural drone market. The major companies such as PrecisionHawk, Deere & company, Agribotix, AGCO Corporation, and AeroVironment Inc. in collaboration with companies such as AgEagle, DuPont, Sentera, and Raven industries are pumping money into the drone technology for manufacturing innovative agricultural unmanned aerial systems for the betterment of agricultural, which in turn increase the agricultural production. The transition from the conventional farming techniques towards a modern farm management concept for analyzing, collecting, and recording the farm-related data, drives the global agricultural drone market.

Drone a necessity in the agricultural field:

The growing population across the globe is one of the biggest challenges the farmers are facing today. In order to feed the huge number of population is a matter of great concern. Thus, the use of drones in the agricultural sector can help boost the production rate. The scanning, recording, and collecting farm field data is possible using the agricultural drones. These drones keep the farmers updated about the soil details, field conditions, crop and livestock health, yield, weather conditions, and fertilizer application which minimize the human error. The return on investments and incomes rises high, enabling them to meet the needs of the growing population.

Stringent government regulations:

The government has come up with stringent regulations related to owning an agricultural drone. The farmer, everyday consumers, or drone companies have to get certified via a written test as long as they want to fly a drone. As per the Federal Aviation Administration, the new rules are a win-win situation for the tech-savvy farmers.

The agricultural drone is perhaps going to become a standard commodity of the farmers just as their tractors. The use of the flying drones is going to have a huge impact on the market.