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GOP restrains to Beijing actions in the South China Sea

Posted on: Jul-2016 | By: 9Dimen Group | General

The Republican platform expressed at the Republican national meeting, "China's actions is not resembles with our last platform regarding our future relations with the country,"

Return to Maoism by China is not reason to be separate from Chinese people or their institutions. According to the platform

The Republican Party has took a harsh attitude against China and restring Beijing to continue to its actions on offenses against intellectual property, currency manipulation and and aggressive behaviour in South China Sea.

The Republican platform expressed their views in the meeting held on Monday, "China's behavior has go against optimistic language of last platform regarding our future relations with the country,"

2012, the platform had welcomed peaceful and prosperous appearance of China.

China is more prominently looking to expand military actions hence to divert public from its increasing economic problems and asserts an absurd claim to the entire South China Sea, it said.

In Republican meeting party led by its presidential candidate Donald Trump said, China has started dredge ports and create landing fields in the disputed water where nothing was existed before, near US territories and our partners building a navy as defensive purposes.

Obama regime has encouraged the Chinese government and military to create threat throughout the South China Sea and not to mention parading their new missile pointing to Guam as America’s first line of defense. The platform said

Due autonomy of Hong Kong, technology is stolen, currency is manipulated, intellectual property and copyrights are mocked in an economy based on piracy. However, cultural genocide still continues in Xinjiang and Tibet.

“This is not a competition but aggressive takeover. For any American company its shame to help those crimes especially tracking of dissenters and governmental control,” the platform added.

Return of Maoism by China’s current rulers does not mean that separate with Chinese people. According to the platform

Platform welcomes investors, students and tourists who see themselves as vibrant American democracy.

“We are taking care of academic or cultural operations under the control of the Chinese government and demand American colleges to separate themselves from increasing threat to academic freedom and honest research,” it said