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Growing Adoption of Advanced Technology to Restructure the Outline of Indian Healthcare Sector

Posted on: Sep-2017 | By: 9Dimen Group | Technology

Technology! This one terminology has drastically evolved the way of businesses, live changing innovations, and economies. It is considered as a mandatory tool to simplify the toughest challenges.

Taking into consideration the instance of health care sector, it is anticipated to impact the healthcare positively in terms of constructing the foundation stone towards the development of healthcare and home ecosystem. The impact of the development has also motivated the demand of the connected devices that are linked with a health care sector. One of the factors responsible for the advancement of the market is the growing penetration of smartphones towards mHealth initiatives.

As per the report created by the consulting firm PWC, it is projected that in coming five years, mobile apps will play a significant role in the medical sector. Owing to which the healthcare market is expected to spur drastically.
Being the fastest-growing market around the globe, Indian healthcare has been deliberate to adopt the latest technology, which is linked to trending initiatives. Though there is technology adoption, an emphasis of government over the policies, and improvement in healthcare service delivery, the public sector still remains nascent.

By aligning the processes and identifying the complications, technology has the potential to bring drastic changes in the health and wellness sector. It is important to hold a tight grip over the technology, enabling personalized medicine, a transformation of user engagement, and labor augmentation with effective results.

This growing awareness among the people regarding the accessibility and feasibility of medical services is expected to grow the Indian medical sector in coming future. Upcoming multiple startups that have a business model based on medical services and healthcare products is also one of the critical factor responsible for the development of the market.

Government easing the facility accessibility for the patients and categorizing various classes of societies to provide efficient and reliable services have bolstered the growth of the healthcare sector. People getting health conscious and purchasing various high-tech diagnostic devices as a precautionary measure is also one of the prime factors that can be held responsible for the growth of the sector in India.