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Growing Demand For Homecare Monitoring Devices to Boost the Patient Monitoring Market

Posted on: May-2017 | By: 9Dimen Group | Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Patient monitoring market is significantly increasing owing to the improvement in the technologies that is offering new avenues for developing enhanced patient care throughout the world. The patient monitoring system includes semi-continuous/continuous measurement of physiological parameters of the patients such as respiratory rate, pulse oximetry, heart rate, core temperatures, blood pressure, and so on. They accelerated the quality care of the Patient by making better clinical decisions.
It plays a vital part in operating and emergency rooms, critical and intensive care units by decreasing the risks and onset of complications in a patient. It is also demonstrated to be helpful in recovery rooms, transport, gastroenterology departments, out-patient care, respiratory therapy, sleep screening applications, ambulatory, radiology, home, and cath labs.
These devices are an essential tool of the medical team for all procedures, that is, operating in a multispecialty hospitals or clinics. The decrease in the size of these devices since few years via contemporary technologies and the increasing implementation of remote monitoring and telemetry has elevated the growth of these devices.
The growing requirement for homecare monitoring equipment will fuel the growth opportunities for the worldwide market in the near future. One of the significant factors influencing the rise in the requirement for homecare monitoring devices is the critically ill elderly population with chronic disorders, including hypertension that needs monitoring on an everyday basis and for whom regular visits to the healthcare centers is not affordable. Furthermore, the market is observing growth owing to the growing requirement for wireless multiparameter home use monitors. Few other important factors contributing to the rising inclination toward the home monitoring systems are its user-friendliness, portability, decreased hospital stay & hospital cost, and self-care products.
The other factors driving the market comprise the increasing events of lifestyle-related diseases, ease of use, and the portability of these devices escalating the use of point-of-care monitoring devices. Moreover, the constant technology improvements and product development, expanding infrastructure, rising recognition of the at-home and remote patient monitoring, and increasing healthcare alertness are few other factors that are driving the market growth.
The unstable reimbursement regulations and saturation in developed countries are few of the important factors that may hamper the growth of the market.