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Human rights in Yemen abuse by the Saudi alliance, Huthis

Posted on: Aug-2016 | By: 9Dimen Group | General

United Nations: A UN report has concluded Huthi agitator used civilians as shield to avoid attacks by fighting intentionally in Yemen blasting house with bomb, killing children.

On Thursday, panel of experts obtained reports by AFP, those Saudi-led union violets the international humanitarian law.

The report presented to the Security Council, as ‘The panel has documented the violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law bounded by the Huthi-Saleh forces, the Saudi Arabia-led union and forces united to the legitimate government of Yemen,"

The experts are collecting detailed investigations of four air strikes reportedly carried out by the Saudi union out of them three are still continue.

On 25 May, the sixth attack carried out with precision-guided weapons by killing four children when the union bombed a village house in southern Lahj region.

"It is almost certain that the civilian house was the purposeful target of the high explosive aircraft bombs," said the report.

The panel concluded that, union was failed to take precautions and "thus violated IHL," international humanitarian law.

The union begins their movement in March 2015 to push back Huthi agitator after they detained the capital Sanaa and many other parts of the country.

The Saudi-led coalition always deprived of intentionally targeted civilians, which killed almost 6,400 people.

Reporter said, In Taez area, Huthi terrorist have hidden their fighters and equipment with advance weapons near civilian areas “with the purposeful aim of avoiding attack,".

It added, “Huthis almost doing this intentionally and put their self in danger and expose the civilian population and civilian objects to the hazard of conflict,"

The report showed a photograph of a tank parked at tTaez Universiy and said it was investigating several reports of civilian sites used as shields.

In the interim, Yemen's Al-Qaeda franchise, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), has risen its bomb-making capabilities and could wage a "sustained IED (improvised explosive device) campaign" of attacks, the report said.

The first suicide attack using the refined bomb technique was recorded in Aden on 1 May.

AQAP and the local branch of the Islamic State (IS) group are challenging for workers in Yemen.