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Indonesia killed three Nigerians

Posted on: Jul-2016 | By: 9Dimen Group | General

CILACAP: In early hours of Friday, Indonesia killed four convicted drug traffickers out of them three were Nigerians leaving the luck of 10 others uncertain.

On Nusakambangan Island in Central Java, Africans and an Indonesian man were shot by firing group during a thunderstorm shortly after midnight. While, government ignored international calls for mercy and pushed ahead with war of drugs.

On Wednesday, The attorney general said that 14 prisoners, including citizens of Zimbabwe, India and Pakistan would be executed this weekend.

On Friday, official said they will give time frame to decline but it will go ahead "in stages".

On Thursday, Security was increased the Indonesian embassy in Nigerian capital Abuja where, protesters gathered to advise Indonesia to halt the killing. Indian and Pakistani were making last-minute efforts to save their citizens, officials said

Noor Rachmad, an official at the attorney general's office Said, "We considered several factors and decided that for now four death row inmates would be executed,” was talking to reporters shortly after Friday's kiling.

Year ago, Indonesia killed 14 prisoners for mostly foreign drugs offenders in cause of political anger.

Governments and Rights activists are again in demand to end death penalty in Indonesia.

But it has been unnoticed by the government of President Joko Widodo, who said, has said drugs pretense as serious a danger as terrorism which is carried out in Southeast Asia's biggest markets for narcotics.

The death penalty is openly expected by the Indonesian public, but on Thursday police came to break up protest outside the prison by members of a migrant workers group who called for compassion for an Indonesian woman who was scheduled to be executed.

The European Union and United Nations advised the executions to be halted.

"Such death sentences are illegal and equivalent to an arbitrary execution as they are undertaken in breaking of Indonesia’s international human rights obligations," the U.N. said in a statement on Thursday.

Amnesty International called the executions "a deplorable act that breach international and Indonesian law" and adjure that the other death sentences not be carried out.

Rafendi Djamin, the rights group's regional director said, "The unfairness already done cannot be upturned, but there is still hope that it won't be intensify.

Total 152 people are in row to execute in the country, including drug traffickers from the Britain, France and Philippines. Authorities are planning to execute 16 prisoners this year and more than double that number in 2017.