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Mysterious underwater blast took place

Posted on: Aug-2016 | By: 9Dimen Group | General

The magistrate had firstly said it looks like to be caused by an old explosive device on the ocean.

The harbor authority said, crew member were on board at the time of explosion they were immediately evacuated.

According to authorities, a passenger ferry docked in the southern French port of Marseille was evacuated after an explosion was felt on board. It was getting investigated cause behind explosion, may old wartime bomb. France raises the security at high following the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice which killed 84 and the jihadist murder of a priest last week.

Officials said, all the passengers evacuated after their voyage form Cprisica and the blast did not cause any damage to ship or dock. “The Jean Nicoli of the shipping company Corsica Linea had completed its disembarking operations after coming from Porto Vecchio when what appears to be an underwater explosion shook the ship,” the Marseille port authority said in a statement.

He said, “ship captain immediately starts to evacuate ship and try to send passenger for the nest destination of Porto Torres in Sardinia,” Marseille deputy prosecutor Jean-Jacques Fagni confirmed to AFP that explosion didn’t cause any property or life loss.

The port authority said only crew members were on board at the time of explosion and they were safely evacuated. “I was in the cabin, and there was noise: ‘boom’,” and “It went ‘boom’ and we felt like something moving up and down,” two maintenance workers said. An investigation was in progress to determine the cause of the explosion.

The magistrate firstly said the explosion may cause due to old war devices on the seabed. While prosecutor said, it will so early to reach on decision investigation is going on.

Marseille police commissioner Laurent Nunez said, safety measure has been taken, including inspection of other harbor, following the incident. After investigating doubts he will allow the ship to go today night for Sardinia, its original destination.