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Singapore About To Improve Its Quality Of Healthcare

Posted on: Mar-2016 | By: 9Dimen Group | Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

2 Asian economies are suffering with the shortage of standard doctors and nurses so that Mr Perera raised this issue for improving the two ratios within next 5 years to the Health Ministry. Mr Perera likes to know about whether the Ministry has the “fallback options" when it does not meet the target for improving the 2 ratios.

Mr Chee also reminded Mr Perera that he has provided this ratio of shortage of doctors and nurses in January parliamentary sitting. It is reported that Singapore has only 21 doctors and 69 nurses for 10,000 people ration in 2014 survey. The Government have announced that there are plans ahead for anticipating about the recruitment for more doctors and nurses for the welfare of the health care situations before more problem emerges.

Mr Chee Hong That the Minister of State for Health states that with comparison of the report 18 doctors and 66 nurses in Hong Kong along with 60 doctors are only available to the ratio in Taiwan. Being the "broad comparisons" with the healthcare needs, it is quite easier for providing all the needs as well as practices and the OECD countries does not have more health outcomes than in Singapore.

Mr Chee reported that within 2020, Singapore is about to recruit more than 20,000 healthcare workers so that it would be useful for meeting the criteria with giving the sufficient health ration in the excellent manner. Mr Perera states that the recruitment of doctors is mostly needed for the future demand according to the population ages. Mr Chee also states that they have planned for anticipating ahead of the plan to execute in the excellent manner. With the ageing population, there will be more demand for doctors and nurses in the healthcare centers so the government is taking steps for recruiting the doctors and nurses to meet the criteria.

Mr Chee also states that he is working along with the hospitals, unions and healthcare institutions for improving the working environment.