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Food Startup Companies to Motivate the Food Equipment Market in Emerging Markets

Posted on: Sep-2017 | By: 9Dimen Group | Food & Beverages

Humans live for simple three needs—food, clothing, and shelter. There might be a need in future to change the definition necessities based on need analysis of the humans. But food is the only one such aspect that is associated with the wellness of the human body. Owing to this majority of the business owners and entrepreneurs who desire to initiate their own endeavors majorly take food into the consideration as its primary product.

India is the second largest food producer and the nation also has the potential to grab the leading position around the globe, Indian entrepreneurs are inquisitively working on their strategies to beat the competition. Growing startup industry in India based on food products has technically affected the frugality, agricultural production rate, developing employment, amplified productivity, and spontaneous lifestyle. Thus, these are also some factors that are stimulating the growth of the global food equipment market. Government implementing various agricultural based incentives and offering subsidies and training packages has created many opportunities for the entrepreneurs in the market.

The training assists the entrepreneur minded people to take the charge over the global demand of the food market. Although, segments of the food market are vast, emphasizing on any one segment will help the entrepreneurs to grow rapidly due to rise in the global demand. Further, a huge number of people migrating from one place to other for employment purpose generates a maximum demand for food compared to the other segment, which drives the global food equipment market.

Growing industrial and urbanization, shifting eating habits, and the introduction of new technology for support are also aspects accountable for the evolution of the global market.

Talking about some important figures in India, 184 Million Hectares of agricultural land produces 250 Million Tons of vegetables and fruits, 512 Million of livestock, 140 Million Tons of milk, and 257 Million of food grain per year. Thus, looking at the figures of the production, it can be evidently acknowledged that the huge demand and growth potential of this sector is going to be doubled in the coming future. It is projected that the value added food products will also grow rapidly in the forecast period.