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Global Social Networking Market Takes the Suicidal Matters Seriously

Posted on: Oct-2017 | By: 9Dimen Group | Technology

Currently, the suicide rate among the people hooked on the social media has soared up to high. The Blue Whale challenge is the most recent online game that has sent out shock waves all over the globe. The users, especially the youngsters are becoming preys to the Internet games that probe them to take their lives as a part of the challenge.

Looking at all this chaos, Facebook, the social media giant, has decided on working towards preventing people from taking such a drastic step by scrutinizing the group names, phrases, and hashtags that show any connection with the online challenges, which are the reasons behind encouraging people to inflict pain or harm on themselves.

The company plans to help people who are victims of the online threats. Facebook plans to get the people to the bay by saving their precious lives that they stop giving importance to owing to the challenges. The challenge basically psychologically hampers the users so much that they indulge into the suicidal activity-based tasks that continue for up to 50 Days before taking the winning leap of killing themselves. The global social networking market are all trying to come together so as to help reduce such online challenges or threats that are provoking people. The global market has planned to enhance its security measures and block the unwanted sources so as to meet the Community Standards.

The suicide prevention tools and supportive groups are what Facebook is planning to include on the social media for keeping an eye on the users. Facebook is a platform built to help people connect and share their thoughts or feelings but nowadays it seems to be misused by a bunch of immoral people.

The social media giant has a Safety Center that believes in providing some knowledge to the parents, teenagers, victims, law enforcements, educators, and others regarding this concerning topic. The global market is thus just wanting to provide support to the users on the 24×7 basis and pull them out of the swampy online platforms.