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Increasing Regulation on Opioid Usage to Burgeon the Non-Opioid Pain Patches Market

Posted on: Aug-2017 | By: 9Dimen Group | Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Pain grievances are one of the most common causes for the visit to emergency departments by individuals. As the rampant of opioid misuse and abuse lasts to expand, healthcare providers are seeking non-addicting, safer, analgesics to recommend to individuals with pain. Non-opioid pain patches comprise transdermal drug delivery systems of the well-known prescription drugs groups such as NSAIDs, used topically. Further, the rising incidence of pain disorders, growing alertness of side-effects due to the use of opioid, and gastrointestinal adverse effects of oral NSAIDs has resulted in intensifying acceptance of these patches for relief from pain. These patches provide specific benefits over the conventional drug delivery systems, such as controlled drug delivery, as well as extended pain relief.

The major factor fueling the growth of the non-opioid pain patches is the rising opioid abuse owing to the severe side-effects and addiction. The decrease in theprescriptionof opioids is projected to result in theelevated use of non-opioid medication for pain complaints. This, in turn, is projected to drive the market growth. Moreover, the escalating prevalence of pain disorders and growing spending ontreatment is boosting the market growth. This is owing to the growing digit of individuals suffering from acute and chronic pain that are accepting non-opioid medications for treating the ailment. These patches are obtainable in numerous forms and are effectual over pain-relieving drugs that are administered orally. Besides, these patches have economic benefits for the healthcare organization in terms of effectiveness of drug delivery.

Nevertheless, the market growth is hampered owing to numerous factors. This comprises factors such as low rate of acceptance of these patches as the oral pain relief medications react to pain sensation in few seconds. Also, the rising achievement of implants for enduring relief from pain is acting as an obstacle to the growth of the market. Nonetheless, the vigorous product pipelines of major players in the market treating neurological disorders, chronic & acute pain, and other illnesses will present growth prospects to the market. Also, huge prospects can be witnessed in the developing economies where the price-conscious customer could choose non-opioid pain patches over the expensive implant treatments.