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Launch of Apple Watch Series 3 to Upsurge the Global Smartwatch Market

Posted on: Oct-2017 | By: 9Dimen Group | Electronics

The latest smartwatch of arrives with various features and improvements. It operates on WatchOS 4, which was launched at the WWDC conference of the company in June 2017. The pricing of the Apple Watch Series 3 begins at Rs 29,900 in India. This launch has fueled the global smartwatch market. Let us have a look at the other factors that have an impact on the global market.

The rising digitalization and modernization in the society is the main reason that is driving the global smartwatch market. The latest Apple Watch has the much-expected functionality of built in cellular thus boosting the global market. In addition to this, advancement in technology can also be accountable for the growth of the global smartwatch market. The new watch allows users take calls, check locations in maps, receive and send messages, and more without using their iPhone smartphones. Third party apps like WeChat are backed over the functionality of cellular, claimed Apple during the launch. This in return is powering the global market.

Additionally, the increasing trend among the people to own a digital smartwatch is also responsible for the development of the global smartwatch market. The smart watch also allows consumers stream more than 40 Millions songs by linking it with Apple Music station, Beats One radio, and other platforms, hence towering the sales of the global market. Adding more to the list, the global smartwatch market prospers due to extraordinary features that are offered by the manufacturing company to the users. One more factor that plays significant role in  boosting  the global market is the processor. For instance, the new Apple Watch is fueled by a dual core processor with 70% extra performance than the earlier chipset, therefore having an effect of an upsurge on the global market.

In contrast to this, the hefty cost of the smartwatches is the main reason that is restraining the global smartwatch market. Further, the lack of awareness among the people regarding the advantages of the smartwatch lends a helping hand in hindering the global smartwatch market. Additionally, lack of skilled labors for the production of the smartwatch is also one of the main reasons that are responsible for hampering the growth of the global smartwatch market.