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Rising E-Commerce Penetration to Boost the Logistic Market

Posted on: Sep-2017 | By: 9Dimen Group | Packaging & Detailing

The fad of shopping through online platforms is one of the common methods every individual is adopting. The offering of broad listing of products has fetched every shopper’s interest towards to the e-commerce sites.

E-commerce sector is majorly reliable on the logistics and delivery system of the company. At present global e-commerce logistics market is flourishing owing to drastically increased figures of consumers that constantly shop online. As per the figures, the e-commerce sector managed to generate revenue of more than $1.5 Trillion in the previous year. The sole reason of such appreciable performance of the sector can be attributed to business giants such as eBay, Alibaba Group, and Amazon.

Availability of various exclusive offers and limited edition products has motivated the growth of the market, which simultaneously impacts the advancement of the e-commerce logistics market. As per the report, there are 4 Billion mobile phones, which correspond to 45% of population globally.

Inclusion of various developing technologies such as automated trucks, drones, automated warehouses, and IoT has place the e-commerce sector one step ahead in terms of development and growth. These technologies have significantly helped to smoothen the over processing time and have enhanced the logistics operations. However, adoption of such advanced technologies has motivated the growth of the e-commerce sector and is driving the global logistic market.

Transformation of brick and mortar business into online owing to growing e-commerce penetration has increased the inventory of the online platforms, resulting increased number of SKUs available through online is also one factor responsible for the growth of global logistics market.

Installation of automated warehouse with provision of palletizing, cross-docking, and automatic cross-docking has helped to increase the efficiency of the delivery mechanism. This has also improved safety  as well as reduced error. These factors have boosted the growth of the global market.


Growing e-commerce penetration in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry has boosted the global market.

Growing consumer’s inclination on brand consciousness and trustworthy online products have helped in the augmentation of the orders and has spurred the growth of the global logistics market.

Logistics player are either third party entities or company operated, for instance, player such as Amazon or Flipkart have their own logistics arms for the fulfillment of the orders.