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Rising Incidence of SAD To Spur the Light Therapy Market

Posted on: Sep-2017 | By: 9Dimen Group | Medical Devices

Light therapy—also called as bright light therapy and phototherapy—is referred as the therapy used to treat the seasonal effective disorder (SAD) with the assistance of artificial lights, light boxes giving out full-spectrum light analogous in constitution to sunlight. It is utilized to influence brain chemicals associated with mood, lessening the symptoms of SAD. Sleep disorders, other sorts of depression, and other ailments such as insomnia or non-seasonal depression, which result owing to low sunlight exposure, can be decreased via light therapy.

The accessibility of products via online platforms and rising alertness regarding the light therapy products’ use among end-users to avert SAD are impelling the growth of the light therapy market. Merchants are enhancing their manufacturing abilities and starting new distribution channels in emerging and untapped markets to fulfill the rising demand and amplify customer satisfaction. Further, the rising expenditure in R&D to develop improved solutions to obtain a competitive edge is an ordinary approach followed by merchants.

Rising occurrence of SAD

Technology end-users require to take on efficient storage systems to transform unstructured information into structured information. A recent improvement in storage management, such as software-defined technology and Resistive Random Access Memory transformations may mark the initiation of the alteration occurring for database management systems in the IT industry. Enterprises require to spend in inventive storage solutions to handle the enormous volumes of unstructured data produced from third-party platform technologies that comprise cloud, social networking, analytics, and big data.

Rising implementation by dermatologists

The high requirement for virtualization of IT solutions such as network virtualizations and data centers is fueling the growth of the market. With virtualization, it is possible to run several operating systems on a single physical system, which can be shared with the primary hardware source. Virtualization can be employed at any stage of system layers, such as OS and hardware virtualization.

Elevated demand for light therapy for diverse applications

Software-defined technology is poised to disturb the conventional enterprise IT infrastructure model. Firms are under huge pressure to substitute legacy IT framework with pioneering models that can slash expenses considerably. Software-defined storage offers a lean business model and reduces expenses by automating process controls and substituting traditional hardware with software.