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Rising Number Of Internet User to Fuel The Metamaterials Market

Posted on: Jun-2017 | By: 9Dimen Group | Chemicals and Materials

A metamaterial is a substance engineered to have characteristics that are not found in nature. They are composed of mixture of several elements produced from composite materials such as plastics or metals. The material obtains its  properties not from the characteristics of the base substance, but from their newly proposed structures. Their specific geometry, shape, size, arrangement, and orientation presents them their smart characteristics able of controlling electromagnetic waves, by absorbing, blocking, bending waves or enhancing, to get advantages that go beyond what is achievable with traditional materials.
Possible applications of the material are various and consist of medical devices, optical filters, sensor detection & infrastructure monitoring, remote aerospace applications, crowd control, smart solar power management, enhancing ultrasonic sensors, high-frequency battlefield communication, radomes, lenses for high-gain antennas, and even protecting construction from earthquakes. The main benefit of the materials is that their atoms can be set according to particular applications that make it easy to use and also broadens the functionalities ahead of standard alloys and materials.
Few of the factors influencing the growth of the metamaterials market are mentioned below.
Introduction of Internet of Things fueling the mounting growth of wireless computing devices
Several end-users around the world need high-performance devices with dependable and extremely portable computing interface, with connectivity alternatives such as 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G for easy data transfer and exchange. The Internet of Things market is flourishing at a high rate and is also expected to continue to grow in the coming period.
Increased expenditure on R&D
The potential fields of application of metamaterial are vast owing to its exotic properties. In the past, they have been studied in numerous electromagnetic applications, such as optical regime applications and microwave applications. Thus, the rising investments in R&D are projected to fuel the market growth.
Rising digit of internet users
There has been a huge increase in the digit of internet users across the globe in last few years. Also, the 3G mobile broadband networks are growing into rural regions and expanding to assure high-speed internet access to every demographics. It is estimated that the penetration of internet user in rural areas will enlarge swiftly in the near future. This increasing wireless infrastructure globally is resulting in the elevated usage of metamaterial antennas that are required to hold the wireless networks.