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15-Jul-2016 | Food & Beverages

Eat these to keep diabetes away

Diabetes it’s also known as silent killer. Growing number of people quite frighten the world.

14-Jul-2016 | Business Services

Global spices market stays strong in spite of ups and downs in the economy

Spices are used for flavoring or to garnish food items. Spices are sometimes used in medicine, religious rituals, cosmetics, or as vegetable. Demand for spices are always positive as no matter how strong or weak the economy is at particular time, food is being cooked in homes and hotels and spices are used in it for taste and to make it healthier sometimes.

The global demand for s ...

14-Jul-2016 | Consumer Goods

Four APAC countries are in the top five of 2016 Global Retail Development Index

According to the data released by GRDI the country leading the list of top five retail leading countries is China followed by India and Malaysia. In spite of slow growth China is still a  leading player of the retail market.

This positive situation is said to be achieved due to factors such as the economy’s gradual shift from infrastructure sector investment to consumer ...

14-Jul-2016 | Technology

Pokemon GO is becoming the new obsession of game lovers

Pokemon Go is mobile game with augmented reality feature (AR) in it. That is a live direct or indirect view of the real world supplemented by computer generated sensory elements like sound, video, GPS etc. Basically a person sees real world environment in a digital form on their mobile screen.

Pokemon Go is a product of Nintendo Company, who said to be a witness of surprising incr ...

14-Jul-2016 | Business Services

E Commerce shopping tightening the grip over the global shopping market

Ecommerce is an activity of trading in goods or services using internet facilities. Amazon, ebay, alibaba are few of the major business to customers ecommerce sites ruling the market.

13-Jul-2016 | Public Sector

Supreme Court given verdict on Arunachal crisis: a biggest shame on NDA government

Kapil Sibal said, "I salute the Supreme Court for this judgment,". Even the Congress also welcomed the judgment. Lawyer Kapil Sibal who argued the case in the Supreme Court.

13-Jul-2016 | Public Sector

US Congressmen and experts are angry on the Pakistan treating

WASHINGTON: American lawmakers and experts have said, devious Pakistan who helps terrorist rudiments are treating the US like foolish on the cutting supply to the country and calling as state that sponsors terrorism.

13-Jul-2016 | Public Sector

Government: Philippines ready to share South China Sea

MANILA: The Philippines is ready to share its South China Sea areas with Beijing. It is struggling for legal challenge next week. Foreign Secretary said on Friday.

12-Jul-2016 | Public Sector

Education and economy goes hand in hand

Education is given importance in society for the impact it makes on human mind. But it has an economic value too. Economist all around the world are showing more interest in educating people and polishing their skills so that they can contribute to the economy and boost its growth by adding new dimensions to it.

11-Jul-2016 | Automotive

Shipping transport industry is getting its glory back

Before the introduction of airplane ship was the only mode available for long distance or international transportation of passenger or cargo.