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18-Jul-2017 | Technology

Declining the U.S. Technology Market Anticipates High Growth in Second Half

In recent months, the shares of the technology sector have been witnessing a fall in dominance in Wall Street, but the rapidly growing group is expected to do a comeback and regain its position.

18-Jul-2017 | Manufacturing & Construction

Global Telescope Market to Taste Success at the Launch of Hubble Telescope

Galaxy is something most of the public wishes to see during their lifetime. With the help of the telescopes of various resolutions, the scientists have been able to study and keenly observe the universe. Recently, the scientists have added a computational analysis to the telescope that helps observe the distant galaxy 10 times sharper compared to the earlier microscopes.

13-Jul-2017 | General

Flourishing Travel and Experience Industry Boost the Growth Rate of The Skydiving Equipment Market

We all have that adventure guts in us to do some sporting activity and drain away the fear. Millennials are more inclined on experiencing those adventurous sports formats. There are numerous activities involved in this sport segment. Every type has its own implementation technique. To perform adventure sports such as skydiving, paragliding, and other activities, there is a necessit ...

13-Jul-2017 | Medical Devices

Growing Incidence of Chronic Kidney Disorders to Spur the Dialysis Catheter Market

A dialysis catheter is a tool needed to offer vascular access to the dialysis device for conducting dialysis. The catheter has 2 distinct tubes, one of which carries blood to the dialysis machine from a patient, and the other assists in returning the blood to the body. This tool can be utilized for short-term as well as long-term access; nonetheless, it is not suggested for long-term access. ...

23-Jun-2017 | Electronics

Increased Investments in Sports Infrastructure to Burgeon Sports Software Market

Sports software offers efficient functions for administrators and directors of leagues, clubs, and associations, particularly, before the beginning of a season. It decreases the administrative load on directors, thus making it possible for them to concentrate on enhancing their leagues. Worldwide, there is considerable growth offered by the sports industry with a huge contest for hosting int ...

23-Jun-2017 | Chemicals and Materials

Increasing Demand for Bio-Based Adipic Acid to Upsurge Its Market

Adipic acid is made up of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. The rising demand for nylon 6,6 resins and fibers from several end-users such as the electrical & electronics, automotive, and packaging industries is projected to boost the requirement for adipic acid offering new growth avenues for the adipic acid market. 

16-Jun-2017 | Chemicals and Materials

Rising Number Of Internet User to Fuel The Metamaterials Market

A metamaterial is a substance engineered to have characteristics that are not found in nature. They are composed of mixture of several elements produced from composite materials such as plastics or metals. The material obtains its  properties not from the characteristics of the base substance, but from their newly proposed structures. Their specific geometry, shape, ...

16-Jun-2017 | Food & Beverages

Rising Health Consciousness to Upsurge The Plant Protein Market

One of the major protein component sources is the plant, other including synthetic proteins and animal-based proteins. As nowadays consumers are inclined more toward green natural ingredients, there is an increased preference of plant-based protein over the animal-based protein. Lentil, soybeans, triticale, and chia seed are few of the plant-based protein-rich sources. These  prote ...

06-Jun-2017 | Automotive

Inclination Toward Affordable Cars to Spur The Microcar Market

By classification, microcars are the smallest automobiles, normally applicable to extremely small cars. They are smaller to the usual city cars. Previously, until 1940s, these small cars were recognized as cyclecars. And the latest models are also referred as bubble cars owing to their bubble-shaped look.

06-Jun-2017 | Telecommunications and Wireless

Vodafone India And Amazon Prime Video Partnership Can Help The Global Telecommunication Service Market Growth Propel

The partnership between the two biggest companies can help boost the global telecommunication market. For now, the partnership between the biggest network provider Vodafone and the entertainment king Amazon Prime Video can help its customers enjoy each and every bit of their entertainment such as Hollywood, Bollywood, and regional films, International and national TV shows, kids’ progr ...