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31-May-2017 | Electronics

Can Germany’s G20 Drive Help the Global Internet Market Grow?

The world is getting digital today and no region wants to stay be last in the race of technology. Hence, there is always a development of new technologies. In Germany, a group of around 20 major regions has come up with a plan of promoting the faster Internet for the masses. Germany wants to enhance the scope of lifelong digital learning. 

31-May-2017 | Electronics

“Carvaan” Will Make You Fall For Radios All Over Again

Even though this is an era of new technologies such as iPod, smartphones, smart watches and other music playing gadgets, the craze for the evergreen radios will never fade away.
Speaking of live music, the intensity of romance and joy that a radio can evoke is fascinating. Saregama India Limited has newly launched a radio-cum music player device for all ...

19-May-2017 | Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Growing Demand For Homecare Monitoring Devices to Boost the Patient Monitoring Market

Patient monitoring market is significantly increasing owing to the improvement in the technologies that is offering new avenues for developing enhanced patient care throughout the world. The patient monitoring system includes semi-continuous/continuous measurement of physiological parameters of the patients such as respiratory rate, pulse oximetry, heart rate, core temperatures, bl ...

19-May-2017 | Manufacturing & Construction

Growing Industrialization Is the Empowering the Growth of the Global Industrial Floor Market

Implementation of industrial safety laws has forced the industry owners to install protective component in their facility. Industrial mats are one of those mandatory installations. It not only helps to clean the dust that employee carry while entering the manufacturing facility but also to provide insulation if the manufacturing facility deals in electronic or electrical ...

09-May-2017 | Energy

Extra Efficient Features and Reduction in Production Cost Has Spurred the Growth of The Global Energy Management System (EMS)

The system that monitors, assess’, and visualizes the energy consumption and fetches the real time data of the net energy usage of the specific organization is termed as energy management system (EMS). It is one of the promising technologies that have transformed the energy consumption figures. The system has declined the irrelevant consumption of energy drastically. This concept not ...

09-May-2017 | Manufacturing & Construction

Growing Public Concerns Is Motivating the Growth of the Sludge Dewatering Equipment Market

Sludge dewatering hardware is utilized to wipe out the waste water that exhibits in the form of sludge and harden its substance. Dewatering of sludge+ is important for the correct transfer of slurry and particle with least actions in viable way. Sludge dewatering gear works over civil sludge particles, industrial discharges, wastewater and other modern and urban waste. This hardware diminish ...

04-May-2017 | Consumer Goods

Survey: Rise in Flooring and Construction to Boost ahe Ceramic Tiles Market

According to a latest survey conducted by the University of California, there has been a tremendous rise in the construction and flooring market since the last year. In the financial year 2014–2015, the amount of profit that the global construction and flooring market did was 21%. But this was not the case in the financial year 2015–2016. The number escalated ...

04-May-2017 | Electronics

App to Detect Zika and Dengue to Boost the Global Mobile Medical App Market

A team of researchers form Sandia National Laboratories, US has developed a device that can detect mosquito-borne viruses such as Zika, chikungunya, and dengue. The device can be controlled by an app and the results can be known within 30 minutes of time period. Hence, the need to visit a laboratory and wait for days is over. Moreover, the device along with the app costs ...

17-Apr-2017 | Automotive

Constantly Deteriorating Quality of Air to Burgeon Implementation of Air Purification Systems

Air purification is a system or device that is basically used in the commercial, residential, and industrial, application to control or remove the impurities from the air, air contaminants, and to offer clean air in a room. There is a differentiation between air purification system and air cleaner. Air cleaner involves fan that produces noise when operated at a faster speed and their mainten ...

17-Apr-2017 | Public Sector

Decision of Banning Electronics during Flight Journey Can Enhance the Airport Security Market

Airport security is a major concern today due to the rising security issues in a number of regions. The U.K. and the U.S. have come up with the new rule of putting a ban on the electronics such as laptops, tablets, cameras, DVD players, and others. However, the ban on the mobile phones and medical devices has been exempted. The new rule is set to apply in eight regions including the Middle E ...