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10-Apr-2017 | Public Sector

Growing Adoption of Microsoft Teams’ Platform Is Spurring the Growth of the Enterprise Collaboration Market

Enterprise communication is one of the vital processes in the overall business models. The co-ordination between the client and the company is crucial if it’s about tapping opportunities. The business growth of any company or organization relies on the customer satisfaction and clients’ fulfillment. There are various online platforms that keep the enterprises connected due to whi ...

10-Apr-2017 | Electronics

Launch of Asus ROG GX800 Drives The Global Gaming Devices Market

Asus recently launched the new ROG GX800 laptop. The laptop is said to be one of its kind being the most powerful gaming laptop ever in the world. Priced for a hefty amount of Rs 797,990, the laptop is claimed to become a key stone in the market. The launch of ROG GX800 has not only boosted the profit chart of the company but also has  driven the global gaming devices market. Let us hav ...

05-Apr-2017 | Electronics

Growing Demand for High-Class Vehicles Is Fostering the Global Hi-Fi System Market

Music is the only thing which keeps your brain intact, though you have loads of stress filled within. The vibrations and beats revolving around activate your soul and rejuvenate your mood. We are in the age where technology rapidly transforms itself into the upgraded version. Advancement in technologies has drastically changed the communicating methods and entertainment sources, specifically ...

05-Apr-2017 | Medical Devices

Launch Of Aplio I-Series to Propel the Global Ultrasound Device Market

The Japanese tech giant Toshiba launched a new series of ultrasound devices. The company rolled out Aplio i-series of ultrasound devices. This series include 3 brand new gadgets namely Aplio i700, Aplio i800, and Aplio i900. Well, these new devices have features such as new piezoelectric oscillator, new matching layer, and ne ...

29-Mar-2017 | Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Growing Awareness About Importance Of The Fitness Is Promoting The Global Fitness Equipment Market

Human body mandatorily needs exercise and relaxation to excrete all the impure contains present in the body by the medium of sweat. An average working body does throw out the excess body fluids but when it comes to maintain the body structure based on the daily physical activities it doesn’t have that extreme results. Training your body on gym equipments that are sp ...

29-Mar-2017 | Electronics

Langford Population Boosts The Global Battery Recycling Market

People of Langford had done a great job. Why you ask? Well, they have achieved the annual battery recycling target of the city. This not only resulted in achieving the target but also boosted the global battery recycling market. Well, let us have a brief about the other factors that play an important role in driving the global battery recycling market.

20-Mar-2017 | General

2017 Union Budget May Lift The Growth Graph Of Housing Market

Buying a house or an apartment these days is practically a complex task but thanks to some property based business firms that have reduced the gap between a buyer and the seller. But after the sudden jump by the government into the real estate and housing market, it seems that the market is expected to flourish soon.

17-Mar-2017 | Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Sunglasses From Trashed Ocean Plastic Fueled The Global Eyewear Market

Norton Point, a company in Haiti, has come up with a solution to clean the environment. The company has started creating sunglasses from the plastic waste that is found in the oceans. This not only helps to clean the environment as well as the ocean but also boosts the global eyewear market. Well, let us take a tour of the global eyewear market.

17-Mar-2017 | Technology

Rising internet Users In India to Help Accelerate The Global Smartphone Market

Indian market is considered to be one of the highly flourishing markets in terms of technology. Out of the global 500 Million users count since the last three years, India covered up half of the total count. According to the Mobile Adobe Digital Insights, India has the capability to drive the smartphone and Internet utilization across the globe as well as the Asia-Pacific region. As per the ...

14-Mar-2017 | Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Pharmaceutical Market Is Witnessing Growth Opportunities Due to Changing Trends

Pharmaceuticals play a vital role and in human health cycle and habitat. Experts who are well versed with industry performance claimed that, the industry is going to flourish by growth rate of 45% by 2025 due to growing advancement in pharma sector and growth in the per capita income.