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14-Mar-2017 | Medical Devices

Shift to Home-Based Healthcare Services Is Fueling The Home Medical Devices Market

Home medical devices are the medical equipment that assists in providing safe, cost-effective, convenient, and familiar surroundings to the patients. This enables the fast recovery of patients and enhances their quality of life. The various forms of home medical devices consist of therapeutic equipment, mobility assist equipment, patient monitoring equipment, and other patient support equipm ...

07-Mar-2017 | Telecommunications and Wireless

Augmenting demand for Nokia’s high speed 4G equipment fuels the network market

Nokia has been trending in news due to various decent upcoming launches of android smartphones and old design with latest featured phones. Owing to this, it can be predicted that after a long haul in the market, Nokia is back not only with its cell phone products but also with high end network equipments.

07-Mar-2017 | Consumer Goods

Hair Care Market In India to Boost On Account Of Holi

Holi is a festival that is celebrated in India with colors. People all over the country play with colors and celebrate the festival. Now interestingly, these colors damage our hairs. This is when hair care products come into the picture. And in a recent survey conducted, the hair care market in India is driving with a sudden pace on account of Holi.

23-Feb-2017 | Technology

Rise In Crime May Augment The Facial Recognition Market

A facial recognition system is a computer-based application that can verify or identify an individual from a video frame or a digital image from a video source. This can be done by a comparison between chosen facial features from an image and a face database. The facial recognition system identifies the facial images based on several facial features, including eyebrows, cheek bones, the dist ...

23-Feb-2017 | Technology

Gloves That Boost The Global Wearable Technology Market

We always want to be connected to our near and dear ones no matter how far away we are from each other. The researchers at Carman Neustaedter's Simon Fraser University lab have thus come up with a new technology named “Flex-N-Feel”, an interconnected glove pair that helps you mimic the feel of touch using the sensors that can capture the slightest of the flexes or movements m ...

15-Feb-2017 | Automotive

Klondike Lubricants Launches In Atlantic Canada Boosting The Automotive Lubricants Market

Klondike Lubricants Corporation has been expanding quickly in the West Coast origins. The firm now has extended its distribution network to Atlantic Canada. This resulted in the rise of the automotive lubricants market. But don’t you think that this factor was not the only one responsible for the elevation of automotive lubricants market? You guessed it right!! There are number&nb ...

15-Feb-2017 | Food & Beverages

New Corporate Website Launched By Delaval Inc. Boosted The Pet Wearable Market

DeLaval Inc., a leading giant in the field of pet wearables, launched its website back in 2015. This was the turning point, not only for the company, but also for the entire pet wearable market. Apart from the website launch, there are numerous factors that have affected the pet wearable market in positive as well as negative ways. Let u stake a tour.

15-Feb-2017 | Food & Beverages

Rising Demand For Low-Calorie And Organic Versions to Hamper Growth For Hot Dogs And Sausages Market

According to a recent survey conducted, people have shifted their preference to organic and low calorie food. This resulted in creation of dilemma for companies such as Venky’s, Nippon Meat Packers Inc., Shineway Group, People’s Food Holdings Ltd., and Goodman Fielder Ltd. Hence the global hot dogs and sausages market is at a risk for time being. 

07-Feb-2017 | Technology

Entry of mobile makers and social media giants as TV app might enhance entertainment market

Entertainment and media industry plays a vital role in our social life. Just imagine How the life would have been if there were no newspapers, magazines or TV some years back? Who would have conveyed us the information of global activities and specially the score of the soccer match. The situations were filled with many complexities about 2 decades back in terms of entertainment and media ma ...

07-Feb-2017 | Technology

Ease in customization of products is blooming the 3D printing market

The solid printing technology has changed drastically due to wide implementation of 3D printing in the process. This technology has changed the whole structure of design, materials and manufacturing process. Its results are so precise and efficient that even if we say that it is an industrial revolution it won’t be wrong.

The 3D printing technology is steadily acquiring the ...