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28-Jul-2016 | General

Two billion followers of the Facebook is going after Twitter where Google lags

Facebook where people like to spend their time in search of likeminded people and follows friends list. When we calculate it graphically then we come to know two trillion public posts searchable late last year and it’s all about what Internet is talking about.

28-Jul-2016 | General

German car company Porsche ready to hire 1,400 employees for e-car development

Electric cars manufacturer Tesla and number of traditional car makers like BMW, Chevrolet, Mercedes and Nissan have been working on their own electric cars. While sports car maker is not seen enthusiastic about the new technology, but Porsche is different than that.

27-Jul-2016 | Energy

European wind energy is cheaper than nuclear power

Wind energy is seemed to have overcome nuclear energy as a source of power at least in countries near North Sea. In nearby European nations the cost of energy is now 30% lower than the cost of nuclear which can be considered as a remarkable development in promoting a use of renewable energy around the globe.

27-Jul-2016 | Business Services

Samsung to buy a stake in Chinese electric car firm for $450 million

Digitization is getting faster and every industry is now accepting adapting to involve technology in its application and performance.

26-Jul-2016 | Food & Beverages

Globalization of food

Globalization has impacted everything under the son. It has influenced the way people think, invest, pursue education, architecture and most of all food culture.

26-Jul-2016 | Consumer Goods

Perfume marketing based on nostalgia working better

According to a new report by A.T. Kearney, four of the top five fragrances for women have held the same market position since 2010 despite the introduction of more than 100 new releases. The four leading women’s fragrances between 2010 and 2015 are Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle, N°5, Chance Eau Tendre and Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue.

25-Jul-2016 | Technology

Version Communication to announce a deal of buying Yahoo, today

Version communication Inc will announce an agreement on Monday to buy Yahoo Inc for about $5 billion according to media reports.  The announcement will come before the opening of US stock market.

25-Jul-2016 | General

Amazon enters student loan market

Well known E-commerce giant Amazon has entered the student loan business by joining hands with US bank Wells Fargo to offer lower interest rates to subscribers of its ‘prime Student’ service. This deal will help bank to promote products and Amazon to attract more students.

In US student business loan is a million dollar industry and Americans are believed to hold more ...

22-Jul-2016 | General

Britain give up its role in 2017 EU presidency after Brexit

LONDON:  Wednesday, PM Theresa May's office said, Britain will no longer overreact on the rotating EU presidency next year and gives up the role awaken of Brexit vote.

22-Jul-2016 | General

Turkey: Temporarily suspends European Convention on Human Rights

Strasbourg: The Turkish government declared on thuresday that Strasbourg-based Council of Europe (CoE) hope to temporarily suspend the European meeting on Human Rights in the country.